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Odd Rodney Swizzle sticks

$5.00 - $7.00

Now available online ( sold out in September 2022). Odd Rodney swizzle sticks! Available in three different colors and two different sizes. All are made from 1/8 inch acrylic so they are sturdy. The larger version is 8.5 inches long and the shorter version is 6 inches long.

These are not mass produced items... They are laser cut from acrylic and my name is hand painted with food safe pigment made by Zona Fabrication.

Please note: the charge for shipping is based on first class USPS service. In most cases these swizzle sticks will need to be shipped separately. They will be shipped flat sandwiched between two pieces of foam core.


  • Large Green Sparkle
    19 in stock
  • Large White
    20 in stock
  • Large Woodgrain
    17 in stock
  • Small Green Sparkle
    9 in stock
  • Small White
    9 in stock
  • Small Woodgrain
    0 in stock