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"KAMOLE" artist proof (e)


Vintage Aloha shirts! The patterns and colors are very interesting to me and therefore the inspiration for this series of mugs that I am calling "the ALoHA collection" . I have named this one " KAMOLE ". The mug is approximately 5 inches tall with an oval opening that measures 3.5 x 2.75 inches. 100% handmade by yours truly and made of stoneware.

This collection has started off with three different designs approximately the same size. The first batch that I made I could not decide on a colorway.. so I experimented with different color combinations to see what I liked best. These were first available at a local event in Arizona on November 4th 2023.. they are all "artists proofs" and therefore the first of their kind or possibly one of a kind. I will potentially be adding a few more designs to this "collection".


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