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Modern Primitive / self portrait mug (c)


Self portrait mug of yours truly. A stylized rendition of some of my features mixed with the mysterious statues of Easter Island... the Moai. It is approximately 7 in tall and 4.25 in wide.

History: Originally sculpted in 2007 as a bust, cast in fiberglass and concrete. (I was not working with ceramics at the time). Always thought this would be a great mug to make. Fast forward 12 years ..... 2019 when I was urged by my dear friend Carol to start making my own ceramic Tiki mugs. This was the second mug I made by myself. I had one of the original fiberglass busts I had produced back in 2007. I eliminated the shoulders and created a bottom for the mug.. along with some other small alterations to eliminate undercuts.. and this is the result.


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