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Sold out

Undertow artist proof #4


This Undertow barrel mug was first offered at Arizona Tiki Oasis in April 2023. A Limited edition of 75 numbered mugs has been SOLD OUT for several months. I have decided to offer my artist proofs.

When glazing a new mug there are so many variables. Decisions need to be made, such as brush on or spray on? What color looks best.. how many layers of that color and are the different glazes compatible. Many glazes change color and gloss depending upon the temperature that they are fired.

The only way to figure this out.. is to do some test glazes on the actual mug. And some mugs seem to be more challenging than others.

So with this process you can actually gain "proof" that the glaze works in the way that you want, and can be repeated.

The very first castings potentially look far different from the rest of the run. Many times very interesting, but possibly not what was intended for the entire run. The result is a truly unique part of the process.